How do I clear cache on Microsoft Edge?


How do I clear cache on Microsoft Edge?



  1. Open Microsoft Edge and select the Menu (3 dots on the top right corner of the browser), then select "Settings."


  2. Select "Privacy, search, and services" on the left-hand menu and select "Choose what to clear."


  3. Change Time Range to "All time."  Make sure that all four boxes are checked and then click "Clear now."


  4. Close all browser windows and re-launch the internet browser.

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  • The keyboard shortcut to clearing browser data (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE, Avast, etc.)
     .... Ctrl + Shift + Delete keys .... much easier when you do not need to search thru settings 

    Generally, you do not need to close your browser to clean up cache, cookies, history, etc.
     ... I usually "clear browsing data" twice in a row with Everything selected and for All Time
    then I am good to Refresh F5 key each of the tabs that I need to login again 

    Make sure you do not hit Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys to lock your PC instead of clearing browser 8- ) 


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