Astra Schedule Display Issues


How can you determine the issue you’re running into isn’t Astra Schedule but instead your browser?  



We’re listing down some scenarios where the issues you are running into are caused by the browser and not Astra Schedule. We have also listed down troubleshooting steps you can take before logging a support issue to rule out browser issues.  

Most of us have come across the unpleasant question - “Have you tried clearing cache?”. Browsers use cached data to help speed up the application load time. However, sometimes we run into issues due to cache and hence recommend the best practice of clearing cache regularly. 

 Common Cache Display Issues

“I am seeing a gray screen and it does not allow me to click on anything” 

“The wrong event is listed in the ‘Event Information’ section” 

“When I click to approve the event the system doesn’t move forward” 

“I can schedule events, but if I try to edit or cancel them, the screen freezes and I can’t move forward” 

“Any event I try to edit has the same title” 


If any of the statements mentioned above sound familiar, you are most likely running into an issue with your browser cache  

Here is how you can troubleshoot these:  

  1. Try accessing Astra Schedule in Incognito or Private Browsing mode or use a different browser. If the application works as expected in private browsing mode and in a different browser – It's a cache issue! 
  2. If you have cleared cache but are still seeing the issue, do you have sync on? Did you clear cache for all time? In the Clearing Cache section, find your browser and learn the steps to pause sync and clear cache.
  3. You’ve gone through both the steps mentioned above but none of it helped. Try reloading your browser by pressing ‘Ctrl + F5’ or ‘XYZZY’ while you’re on Astra Schedule. 
  4. Still no luck? Please submit a support ticket. 

Common Browser Setting and Updates Display Issues

“I want to choose a different year but the years aren’t showing. The drop-down box when clicking on the date only shows months” 

“I don’t see the option to turn on/off LDAP/SSO” 

“I do not see the option to activate or deactivate my import job” 


If the statements above sound familiar to the issue you are facing, here is how you can troubleshoot these:

  1. Check the Zoom on your browser settings. Try zooming in or out and see if it fixes the issue. 
  2. Zoom is fine but you’re still having issues. Check if you have updates available for the browser or if your browser is running an update in the background. Once the update completes, restart the browser.
  3. If the steps above did not help, please submit a support ticket. 

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  • Is there 1 browser that works better than the others with Ad Astra that I should be recommending to our users? 

  • We recommend using Chrome, but Astra Schedule still functions well on other browsers also.


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