Support Center Code of Conduct

The Ad Astra Support Center and its Community were created so Ad Astra users would have a safe and friendly space to come to for product and training resources, as well as, support and best practices from other Ad Astra users.  To help maintain an environment of respect and professionalism, all users of the Support Center are expected to be aware of and adhere to the guidance provided in the Code of Conduct. 


We are kind. 

A tenet practiced at Ad Astra, that we also expect to be foundational for the Support Center, is to always treat others with kindness and respect.  Ad Astra will draw a hard line when it comes to disrespectful, impolite, harassing, bullying, violent, or hateful behavior or activities.  Choose kindness in all that you do! 


We are fun. 

To be true to the values of Ad Astra, we want the Support Center experience to be fun!  Sure, there will be a lot of content that is serious and solution-specific, but we will have opportunities for lighthearted engagement along the way. We hope you will participate in those opportunities with us.


We are professional. 

We want the Support Center to be a fun experience for our users.  However, don’t forget that the content is publicly searchable.  For that reason, we should maintain a certain level of professionalism in what we share.  When in doubt, avoid behaviors, language, or activities that are not suitable for the workplace.   


We are vulnerable. 

We hope that users can find the answers and care they need in the Support Center to be successful in the work they are doing.  We ask our users to be vulnerable when they have questions or need help.  This is a safe space where you can be open and honest about what you need or where you’re struggling.  There are NO stupid questions, so put them out there and let our community of subject matter experts help you! 

To learn more about posting questions in the Community, check out the How to Ask a Question


We are supportive. 

One of the biggest ways to be supportive in the Support Center is to empower other users by sharing your knowledge and experience.  Participate!  Share your feedback!  Share your best practices!   

When you share with the community, expect questions and the occasional (friendly) debate.  Keep in mind that users are coming to the table with different levels of experience and exposure to Ad Astra products, and their goals and use cases may be different from yours. 

Before you post content to the Support Center, we strongly encourage you to take a peek at the following posts in the Community.  


Support Center Safety 

All users of the Support Center must adhere to the rules provided in this Community post and the official Code of Conduct.

  • Avoid contractual agreement or nondisclosure agreement violations. 
  • Protect your privacy and the privacy of others by not sharing content that exposes contact or other personal information.   
  • Do not impersonate others. 
  • Protect work that doesn’t belong to you.  If you want to share or discuss someone else’s work, ask for their permission before posting. 
  • Avoid posting content that is inappropriate or offensive, illegal or related to illegal activities, disparages Ad Astra, its vendors, partners, or affiliates; or could be viewed as spam, solicitation, or self-promotion.
  • To help prevent exposure to viruses, bots, worms, trojan horses, or other malicious software, external links cannot be posted by Support Center users.  If you feel that an external link provides value (or not) for the Ad Astra community, you can submit a support ticket and request for it to be added to your post (How to Submit and Manage Support Tickets). 


Process for Handling Inappropriate Conduct 

As a member of the Ad Astra community, if you come across any inappropriate conduct or content, we ask that you report it to Ad Astra immediately by emailing   

Ad Astra maintains the right to remove inappropriate content from the Support Center, as well as, remove or block users who have displayed unprofessional or offensive behavior. 




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