Predict Overview

Predict is a course demand analysis type that compliments Align’s historical analysis. It uses real students, associates them to a Pathway defined by the institution, and imports their academic history from your SIS. It compares their completed courses to their Pathway and then forecasts future course needs based on the remaining unmet Pathway rules. If the Pathway includes a course group, Predict will spread demand within that course group based on historic trend.

Predict builds upon the seat recommendations provided solely by Align. The Predict recommendation is folded into the Align recommendation to show a weighted, or blended, “Needed” value on the Align course list, and is shown independently within the course detail.

To assist with decision-making, a list of the students that need the course and information about their progress is provided per course.

You can also check out the Align training session and the Align with Predict session!

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