Pathways Overview

Ad Astra’s Pathways app provides configuration opportunities, visibility, and insights related to your institution’s Pathway usage. A Pathway defines a sequenced list of courses that either must be taken or are recommended to be taken to complete a program of study. Pathways are intended to simplify the complexity of an institution's program rule structure by limiting course choice down to those courses that are either historically most probable or are recommended or required for a specific program. Students benefit from easier navigation of rules for academic career planning, and the institution benefits from a significant gain in the predictability of course selection for future term planning.

Ad Astra’s Predict uses Pathways to estimate each student’s progress and to forecast what they are likely to take next in order to create future term course offering recommendations.

Pathways can be initially imported (as a way to first establish the data from another source) or manually added. During import as part of the process for using Predict, the system will automatically associate students to their applicable Pathway based upon their program, major, and/or concentration along with their catalog term.



Pathways require Admin privileges and can be accessed by clicking on the Pathways application link in the left navigation panel. 


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