Jenzabar CX Database Access

Database User Access

The Astra database user must have access to the tables listed below.  Additionally, synonyms must be created for each table as the Astra user to facilitate direct queries against the database. Details related to the queries used, including specific SIS fields involved, will be provided upon request.

All tables are read-only access unless specified. 

Table Astra Schedule Strategic Schedule Checkup Use
aa_rec X X Sections
acad_cal_rec   X Courses, Pgm Students, Terms
cat_table   X Courses
cl_table   X Lookups
crs_rec X X Courses, Pgm Rules, Pgm Students, Sections, Lookups
crsarea_rec   X Courses, Lookups
crsreq_rec   X Courses
crsreqgrp_rec   X Courses
dept_table   X Lookups
div_table   X Lookups
exam_table   X Lookups, Pgm Students
histeq_rec   X Courses
id_rec X X Lookups, Pgm Students, Sections
im_table X X Lookups, Section import, Export
mtg_rec read and write access X Courses, Section import, Export
prog_table   X Lookups
sch_rec   X Lookups
sec_rec X X Courses, Section import, Export
secmtg_rec X X Courses, Section import, Export
sess_table   X Pgm Students, Terms

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