Spoke Language Overview

The ATE20.xsd will help a lot when using an XML Schema savvy editor (like Visual Studio, Eclipse, NetBeans, etc.). The general idea is that you would define an EndPoint for the output file and use a FileWriter in the Target of a Phase. Below are some snippets from our Event signage export file and Banner section room assignment export. The spoke we will create will be a combination of these building blocks. The following is not a valid spoke, but rather the highlights of the three most important parts.

<FileEndPoint name="ftpSignFile">
<Parameter name="FileName" ref="ExportFileName" />
<Parameter name="Host" ref="FTPHost" />
<Parameter name="User" ref="FTPUser" />
<Parameter name="Pwd" ref="FTPPass" />
<FileResource href="ftp://${User}:${Pwd}@${Host}/${FileName}" />

<!-- The fields and associations again match what is described in the
entity definition files. -->
<Source name="Astra">
<Astra from="SectionMeeting" rootElement="SectionMeetings">
<Select column="SisKey" />
<Select column="RoomConfiguration.Room.SisKey" as="RoomSisKey" />
<Phase name="ExportEvents">
<Fetch ref="Astra"/>
<Target endPoint="ftpSignFile">
<FileWriter verb="write" sourceReader="Astra">


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