Banner Database Access

Record Updates

During the record comparison, section records are identified using the combination of term and CRN. Section meeting records are identified using the combination of term, CRN, and Oracle row ID. The Row ID is required for section meeting identification because the Banner SSRMEET table does not have a unique record ID.

Database User Access

The Astra database user must have access to the tables listed below.  Additionally, synonyms must be created for each table as the Astra user to facilitate direct queries against the database. Details related to the queries used, including specific SIS fields involved, will be provided upon request.

Table Astra  Schedule Monitor & Align Predict HESI Use
GOREMAL X     X Sections
SCBCRKY   X X X Courses
SCBCRSE X X X X Courses, Sections
SCRATTR       X Courses
SCRCORQ       X Courses
SCREQIV   X X X Courses
SCRLEVL       X Courses
SCRRCAM       X Courses
SCRRCLS       X Courses
SCRRCOL       X Courses
SCRRDEG       X Courses
SCRRLVL       X Courses
SCRRMAJ       X Courses
SCRRPRG       X Courses
SCRRTST       X Courses
SCRSCHD   X X X Courses
SFRSTCR     X   Students
SGBSTDN     X   Lookups, Students
SGRCLSR       X Lookups
SHRGRDE     X   Students
SHRTCKG     X X Course, Students
SHRTCKL     X   Students
SHRTCKN     X X Course, Students
SHRTRCE     X X Course, Students
SIRASGN X X X X Sections (Import and export) 
SLBBLDG X X X X Sections,  CampusBuildingRoom
SLBRDEF   X X   CampusBuildingRoom
SMRACAA X       Lookups,Pgm Rules, SSIS Rules
SMRARUL X       Lookups, Pgm Rules, SSIS Rules
SMRPRLE     X   Pgm Rules, SSIS Rules
SOBPTRM X X X X Sections, Terms
SPRIDEN X X X X Sections, Students
SSBSECT X X X X Courses, Sections (Import and export), Students
SSBXLST X X X X Sections
SSRMEET select and update(for building and room assignment) X X X Section (Import and export)


  X X   Sections comment (Banner)
SSRXLST X X X X Sections
STVATTR       X Lookups
STVATTS       X Lookups
STVCAMP   X X X Courses, CampusBuildingRoom
STVCLAS       X Lookups
STVCOLL   X X X Lookups, Students
STVCSTA   X X X Courses
STVDEGC     X   Lookups
STVDEPT   X X X Lookups
STVDIVS   X X X Lookups
STVLEVL     X X Lookups
STVMAJR     X   Lookups
STVPTRM       X Terms
STVRSTS     X   Students
STVSAPR * (optional)   X X   Section
STVSCHD X X X X Sections, Lookups
STVSUBJ       X Lookups
STVTERM   X X X Courses, Terms, Pgm Rules, Student Pgm Rules
All tables are read-only access unless specified.

*SSBDESC: Optional for viewing and editing the section comments within Banner from our apps

*STVSAPR: Optional for editing the section special approval code, when this table is not provided we will create a default list based on the current values used in the section data pulled.

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