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Edit Subscription: Add Subscriber: Duplicate Names listed without showing email address

Warm Greetings Everyone,

The following seems to be a defect (lack of info): when editing a Report Subscription, the Add Subscriber pop-up window search for existing contacts displays duplicate Names from profiles with different emails without also displaying their email address for the chosen name which can become a cycle of guessing which profile has the intended email.  
We are in the situation of needing to manually merge many many profiles because our section import jobs were pulling the secondary email for teachers and created the duplicate profiles, although Employee ID was the same the email imported was not matching. 

We had an event scheduler requesting additional people be added as subscribers and from there I found this problem with adding teachers with same name on duplicate profiles with different emails.  I have already commented about this problem in a long support case about people profiles.

Best regards, Jason  



1 comment
  • I second Jason's recommendation of something like:

    <lastname>, <firstname> (<email>)

    when duplicates show up it is rather time consuming to figure out which of multiple duplicates you want to add and sometimes merging records makes for problems in testing or elsewhere.