Scheduling Grid missing items scheduled before new Effective Dated room change

Hellow Ad Astra Live Community!

We noticed that some items are not appearing in our scheduling grid, and leared from the support person who worked on our ticket that it was related to a room change we made after those items had been scheduled.

We had created a new effective date (8/1/22) to update the room capacity, and am finding out that we have to re-assign the room to anything scheduled in the room that occurs after 8/1/22 if it had been scheduled before that room change was made. 

For instance we created Event-X in July that will take place in October. We changed the room capacity in August, and had to reassign the room to Event-X again to see it in the Scheduling Grid.

Has anyone else experienced this, and are you having to reassign rooms to all of your events/sections when this occurs?




  • Hello April,
    Previous to Covid, we finished an addition to and remodeling of a building which involved renumbering of rooms which changed also Room Type of previous numbered rooms ... like Theatre changed from 306 to 308 and  Room 301 changed from PC Lab to Classroom. 

    Using Effective Dates on these major changes to rooms did create problems for Future scheduled events that needed to be manually updated.  We did not have to reschedule sections as I had planned for room renumbering like over a year in advance before construction started.

    For simple room capacity changes, I have just used different room configurations to change capacity such as for dealing with how far apart desks had to be during changing Covid restrictions. 

    I recommend minimizing as much as you can the usage of Effective Dates because it is like the room disappears after that set date ... rooms receive like a different SYSKEY in Astra Schedule when you set an Effective Date.

    What was unexpected was that the OLD room names & numbers kept showing up for New rooms.  I think I had a support case on that and may have written other Product Feedback threads in Fall 2019.

    Best regards, Jason   

  • I did not think about using a different room config. Great suggestion Jason. Thank you!

  • April Jordan More information on the tail end of this thread also talks about room configuration and Effective Dates. 

  • Thanks! I'll check it out.


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