IDEA: Sections by Instructor for Selected Term FOR SELECTED DEPARTMENT

Basically, this is a request to enhance the "Sections by Instructor for Selected Term" report to enable filtering by Department and displaying Delivery Method. 

This report is good for looking at what sections have been Assigned to Instructors, but it is too overwhelming for department chairs to filter through All Instructors to find those instructors that are just in their department. When department chairs are working to load balance sections taught among professors and gauge need for adjuncts, it would be helpful to quickly filter for just the Instructors and Sections in their department including the Delivery Method of those sections.  Since we run Room Assignment Optimizer several months before class registration opens for future terms, sections without assigned instructors do not benefit from limitations for back-to-back room assignments.   Thus, we can put our department chairs in a bind on which instructors can be assigned to back-to-back sections that are not in the same room.   Improving the process of assigning Instructors to Sections before Room Optimization can led to better scheduling of Instructors and improve student outcomes towards graduating faster.   

In Crystal Reports, Department is not an available field from the Report Tables and thus not easily customized by clients themselves.  Section Delivery Method seems could be an easy add to this report. 

Best regards, Jason




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