DEFECT: Info recorded but not Displayed from People List page = Employee ID, Email, Middle Name

It seems that Only People profiles with Instructor responsibility display Employee ID even though it is saved such as Customer Contact profiles have Employee ID.  I put Employee ID into our original Import Template about 5 years ago when upgrading to Astra Schedule v8.0.4.  However, the Employee ID is not displayed in the People List nor Exported for People profiles with User, Institutional Contact, or Customer Contact responsibility.

Additionally, Middle Initial (Name) field in People profiles are not displayed nor exported for any profiles.

When reviewing duplicate People profiles manually (since Merge Tool will not work for people with multiple unique emails) … It would be very helpful to have Middle name, Email, and Employee ID consistently displayed in People List and available when exporting to Excel …  

Since the email field is the required primary key field for People profiles, I think it should have be displayed in the People List page years ago and yet it is still not an available column to be selected.

Please fix this defect in People List to make Astra Schedule more useable ... Thank you



  • ... This is evident in Astra Schedule v8.9.4 latest release ... 

  • ... Title would also be helpful as an available column in People List in Astra Schedule ... eh?   

  • Additionally, When I export the People List to an Excel file, I have found that People ID field is datatype Text when our IDs are numeric and so I have to touch each cell of People ID column (not just change column format) in order for VLOOKUP to match ID from another sheet (exported data from our SIS) in order to reconcile emails since Merge Tool does not work when People have more than one email and Import Spoke file has been importing the secondary email instead of the primary email field that employees communicate with.

    Best regards, Jason 

  • Jason Madden I went to my people list to see what you are referencing and we don't have any ID's listed. Could you provide an example of a People ID and SIS ID?  

    Does Astra's information on the People record have to have a secondary email listed?

  • Hello Sabrina,
    Astra People ID (Employee ID & Instructor ID)  => Banner SPRIDEN_ID and Astra SIS key => Banner SPRIDEN_PIDM 
    ... People ID is an Optional field and I think SIS key is only used with Instructors, but I have found a few People with Instructor responsibility whose Instructor Detail did not have a recorded SIS key.
    Instructors with NULL SIS key was a problem when we upgraded to AS 8.9.4.
    SIS key in Instructor Detail is not a * required field.

    Actually, in Astra Schedule, there is no direct field for recording a secondary email.
    In Customer Contact profiles, I have recorded the secondary email in the "IM Name" field since our primary email was imported into the "Email Address" field.
    Because Instructor profiles have secondary email in the sole "Email Address" field, I have been recording the primary email address in the "IM Name" field.

    It seems to me there has been a fundamental assumption that people only have one email address at client institutions, such that Email Address is the sole Primary Key for identification of Users, Contacts, Students, and Instructors in Astra Schedule and other IDs are all optional. 

    My main point in this thread is that even though important data is recorded in People profiles, it is not displayed nor exported from the People List page in Astra Schedule. 

    Best regards, Jason 

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  • Another Defect would be not being able to edit the ZipCode and Phone# directly in the Person Info page in Astra Schedule ... this has be done when editing the Customer Contact details

  • Sabrina, from snippets in other threads, I think you are using Astra Apps, rather than what I am referring to in Astra Schedule (baseline product) ... snippet of People List showing available columns ... People ID is only displayed for those with Instructor as Primary Responsibility ...

  • I have already demonstrated this for Ad Astra support via Zoom a couple weeks ago, however, it does not seem to be getting much traction as I am not receiving feedback and hence why I posted about the Defects in Product Feedback. 
    This could all be different for clients using [premium] Astra Apps. 

  • Thank you, Jason, for going into those details. It's always nice to see a different perspective on how Astra is used. You are correct that we use the application differently, but I think there are similarities in the request from Astra to display and export important information from the Peoples list.  

    I've upvoted! 

  • Thank you for the Upvote Sabrina ... I would almost say that Astra Apps is a different application than Astra Schedule with different features and hosted differently in the Cloud. 

    02/01/2022  Sara McNure started a real good Product Feedback thread : People Record List
    ... this thread is to point out more fields than email should be displayed
     ... and that People ID is not consistently displayed in Astra Schedule 
  • Oh, we haven't used Astra Apps yet. We use Astra Schedule version 8.9.1 but utilize the application differently, with an emphasis on the Events side of the application for our academics. We're the wild child in the Astra family. 😁

    I'm always interested in learning more about the academics and technical side of Astra. 

  • .... I would not really want to need to create an Event for every Course section
    ... although if your student registration is mostly cohort based then that could be easier 

    We still have a fair amount on manual room assignments (labs) in our Banner SIS before running Astra Room Assignment Optimization, but I have worked out scheduling preference to the point we get single digit room conflicts pert term and mostly from incomplete or poor data entry in Banner. 

    One of the compounding parts for us is that with distributed Event Schedulers is that if they do not find an employee in the Contact dropdown selector on Create Event window, then they tend to create a new person/contact which becomes a duplicate.  This is mostly the case with Instructors, since we have two different email systems and Import Spoke files have been importing Instructors with the secondary email address used with Canvas app.

    People List page in Astra Schedule should have been made more maintenance friendly by now.

    Best regards, Jason 

  • Additionally, it would be helpful to have Employer / Customer for Contacts along with Customer Group displayed in columns of People List ... trying to cleanup a bit by disabling profile of former employees, but also finding lots of External Contacts ... 


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