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I realize this isn't the biggest issue, but maybe 6 weeks ago the color palette for charts and graphs changed--red was replaced with yellow. White on yellow is one of the least readable combinations and it's honestly hard to see the numbers on yellow without blowing the chart up. I did look for an option to customize, but couldn't find it. I would really love to see a more accessible and user-friendly color scheme brought back. 



  • Hello! Thank you for your feedback. Would you be able to provide us some more detail where you are seeing this change? Is it on a specific report or within a specific area of the application?

  • Katie Coleman,

    Rbocchicchio provided the following response to your question through email.

    "Hi—sure! Happy to. Here’s what I see in the “section info with modality” report, for example: The yellow elements used to be red—one day they were just different. I thought maybe I had accidentally changed a display setting, but I was unable to find any way to change it back. The white on yellow is just not very readable. Thanks-- Rebecca"

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  • Quick update.  Thanks for the feedback Rebecca...per your request we have modified the Section Info with Modality report and replaced the yellow shades with red.

  • Ah, thank you! So much easier to read, esp. when projected on screen. Appreciate it!



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