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I'd like to request an enhancement.  We are pulling the event feed from Astra Schedule into some calendering software on campus.  In order for an event/meeting to not show up on the calendar feed, we have to go into the event and select the private button.  There is no way to carry the (isPrivate) button from the event request form to the event creation screen so that people can mark their events "private". Can you make this happen? This would save us a lot of time if there is no data entry required for event approvers.

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  • Hi, Ian! Quick question: for all of your events, do you feel like they're clicking "private" to keep them off the calendar more often than the ones that go to the calendar?

    I asked this to say that your event pull from Astra Schedule might be easier if you only pull specific events, leveraging the "featured" checkbox. This way your approvers would be checking the box less if there are actually less events going to that calendar.

    Not sure if that's helpful, but wanted to pass it along! We have many clients that pull only "featured" events to limit what shows on their public calendars!


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