Automatically Alphabetize Room List

Is there a way to force the Assign Room > Room list to automatically sort alphabetically instead of having to remember to click on the Room heading every time? Can we set the default sort to be alphabetical and if so how do we do that?  Having this feature would make it so much easier to find a specific building/room in the list for those requesting Events.
If this is not possible in the current version of Astra can we please submit this as an enhancement for the next version.



  • I agree and think that Ad Astra need to review ALL lists.  Some alphabetize and some do not (e.g., Events Request Forms in Roles).  ALL need to alphabetize!

  • I completely agree. I like consistency. 

  • I totally agree on consistency with ALL lists. Thank you, Sabrina and Vicky for staying on top of these. :)

  • Thanks for this feedback, everyone! 

    Heather Humphries, I am going to relocate this post to the Product Feedback topic for visibility.  

  • I agree with these comments but do very much like the concept of being able to sort by Score ranking.  I find this to be a valuable tool in best fit in rooming sections on AcademicsTab.


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