Building Hours and Room Usage Control

 The default room usage control is used to set the building hours and then there are exception room usage controls -- for future versions of Astra, would it be possible to have the building hours set at the building level and keep the exceptions at the room level? (Would be easier to manage.)



  • I agree with this enhancement.  This would be of great help.  Right now we're using room usage controls only at the room level due to the numbers of entries that requires.  Thus, it removes our option from use of this as consistent building hours management.  Unless there is something I am missing here.  This so important to daily event scheduling I hope this can be considered.

  • Even being able to "select all" for a set of rooms in a building (or even a region!) would be an enhancement on this feature. We've stopped using usage controls entirely because it was so laborious to apply them to entire buildings. This would be huge if we could implement it again.


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