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Filter Event Form based on Customer Group

We need the ability to filter Event Request Forms by Customer Group.  It is not feasible to add them individually for larger groups where some could be added then missed.



  • Where in the application are you needing this filter? Can you provide a bit more details in regards to "add them individually"?

    We limit the event request forms visible by the customer group through the Roles configuration. 

  • We have ours "filtered" by roles as well.  External guests have a role and can only see their event request forms.  We have a Pharmacy Faculty/Staff role, and only those individuals can see their event request form (since their space is not available for use by other departments).

  • I am sorry I should have been more clear.

    In the Customer Filter Settings and Use Customer Filtering on the form.
    I would like to only be able to select from certain Customer Groups for the form instead of individually selecting the customers.