Macro 'GetSectionMeetingCrosslists_ForHub' ... not loaded new crosslist = SYSID, not Offering#

Macro 'GetSectionMeetingCrosslists_ForHub' list cross-listed sections as "not loaded new crosslist" seemingly from RoomCheck finding that sections cross-listed together are not scheduled in the same room, but in the Import Job log only outputs the section's SYSID and not the Offering# nor SubjCode -Course#-Sect#, which makes it difficult to verify the section.

Our schedulers often use cross-listings for video conferenced sections between our campuses.  With this case, majority of our college-credit cross-listings are not scheduled in the same room.

The logging of this Macro for Cross-Listings is not descriptive enough to easily interpret what it is reporting as wrong.   It could report "room mismatch" if that is the situation.  As well, the macro could list more attributes about the section so that clients can more easily lookup section info on the situation found.  

This is from support case # 9575 ... Best regards, Jason 




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