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When will you have a mobile APP

Hello, when will you release your mobile app? It was promised 3 years ago but nothing as of yet. Even just a simple room grid at a glance would be great! Your web-based system fails on a mobile device.




  • Brian Pshyk, thank you for your post.  I have relocated your content to the Product Feedback section of the Community to ensure that our Product Experience team sees your post.  

  • Thanks...

  • Is there an update on an app or using Ad Astra on a mobile device?  My office is interested in using Ad Astra on an iPad and when testing out functionality we realized we aren't able to select the necessary search function criteria (specifically the radio buttons for displaying the types of events- academic, holiday, etc.).

  • Hi there! Our new Events App was built mobile first, so it will be available to use on a phone easily. You can see a preview of the functionality coming in the Product Blog!