Done Button in Filters

Can the extra step of "Done" be removed when entering query criteria? If a result is selected and checked off, why is there the extra step of selecting Done with each filter?



  • Concetta Dimare, I have moved your post to the Product Feedback topic so that the Product Experience team can see your post.  Thanks for sharing your feedback with us!  

  • Warm Greetings,

    I have started to appreciate the filter values list not closing after selecting one value, especially when I am wanting to select multiple values for multiple filter criteria like selecting multiple departments or subjects and terms.  I think the done button makes multi-select lists easier to code.  I imagine the done button reads all options selected and converts them to an SQL list ... WHERE department (' ', ' ', ' ') AND subject IN (' ', ' ', ' ') AND term IN (' ', ' ', ' ') 

    Best regards, Jason 

  • I agree Jason, however, there are some of our users that are not so technical in Astra and want to get in and out as quickly as possible. 

  • Even our Non-Techie users appreciate being able to multi-select with filter criteria in order to find what they need to know, which they can also Save search criterial.
    I agree that it would be more convenient if Search results would be displayed as filter criteria was selected ... I am mainly saying there would be much more coding need and would generate much more internet traffic -- might end up waiting more for search results to load for each time criteria is selected.

    Best regards, Jason 

    I do advocate for Kaizen = reduce waste - continual improvement

  • Oh, wait, I hadn't thought of it that way!  I'd take a few more clicks, than slower speed any day.



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