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Delivery Method/Instructional Method as Column in Section List

It would be very helpful to be able to view delivery method/instructional method (remote, online, classroom-based, hyflex, etc.) as a column in Section List. We can currently see Meeting Type/Schedule Type (Lecture, Lab, Clinical, Internship, etc.), but that does not necessarily tell us whether or not the class requires classroom space or not. Being able to see whether a class is remote, hyflex, online, etc. would be very helpful in determining the spatial need of any given class or if a class does not need to be roomed at all. My institution currently uses our section numbers as a guide for delivery method. For example, 100 sections are classroom-based, 200 sections are online, 700 sections are internships, etc. However, it would still be helpful to have the delivery method data directly presented so there is no question what the delivery method is for a particular section.

Kind regards,




1 comment
  • Good to see more attention to this oversight of Not having Delivery Method as an available column in the Section List page instead of needing to click into each section to see its Delivery Method or like I did made a custom report in Crystal Reports to list the Delivery Method ...

    This request was the second one posted in Product Feedback and have been in previous support case before that ... Please Vote on my feedback post for the same topic as well ...

    Let me know if you are interested in a copy of the report ...
    It should not be too difficult enhancement for Banner schools 
    SSBSECT_INSM_CODE VARCHAR2(5 CHAR) is already being imported with Section jobs

    This is becoming important again as we planning / scheduling more classes in-person for Spring 2022
    ... another enhancement with this is having the Delivery Method as a column in Sandbox Results to help in resolving Bottlenecks and Infeasible Sections 

    Best regards, Jason