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Editing Event Owner Field

The event owner will not change from User, System to the scheduler who changes the status to pending. When attempting to save or change the owner, it will not start to autofill as you type in characters.  The event scheduler will need to go through numerous pages of names from the drop down in order to find their name. This is very frustrating to users especially if they have over 8 pages to go through.



  • It looks as though there are 2 statements here. One the ownership isn't changing during the approval process and the second is an enhancement to autofill/search the user when changing ownership.  Is that correct? 

    I agree that the drop-down selection of the user within the ownership field should be easier by having an autofill functionality similar to the contact field. Instead of the last name, you can search by user name.


  • The owner list not filtering is just stupid.  Other areas in Ad Astra can do this.  

    Also, it is not consistent thru the application.  Some places its username/email and others are name.  Very confusing.

  • Maria Saucedo, Sabrina Torok, and Sara McNure

    I am moving this post to the Product Feedback channel to make sure the Product Experience Team sees your feedback.

  • If I type in my last name, the list does not change.  However, my name populates and I can hit enter to save it.

    IT DOES NEED TO BE FIXED, but it is a workaround.