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Room Inventory Management in Ad Astra Schedule

Please consider adding a "Date of Last Inventory" field on each room record to help manage a room inventory process.  The "Date of Last Inventory" field could then be updated when an inventory (i.e. verification of capacity and resources) of a room has been completed.  Having visibility of the "Date of Last Inventory" on the Room List or a Room Report would then aid in prioritizing and scheduling a periodic room inventory process.  It would also allow easy identification of rooms that have not been recently inventoried.

Thank you.

Tom Conley



  • I agree with this enhancement! It will also help to easily identify the rooms that need a technology refresh.

  • Even a plain "Last Modified" Date for the whole Room Definition would be helpful, such as with figuring out which Rooms have not had their configured Covid Capacity updated recently (past year) 

    Best regards, Jason