Identifying sections NOT using a Standard Meeting Pattern

As much as Ad Astra advocates the benefit of using Standard meeting patterns, why is it so difficult to identify sections in a term that are not scheduled using a standard meeting time?

I've been attempting to use a room optimization scheduling sandbox to identify standard/non-standard meeting times. The thinking is that using the “Standard Meeting Patterns” filter with an empty preference set, the optimizer results would report sections using standard times as "modified by optimizer" and sections not using standard times as "Not modified by optimizer". Towards that goal, I've flagged our valid meeting patterns as "standard" for all 8 meeting types (creating 29 standard meeting patterns). Now I've discovered that in addition to the meeting time and the meeting type, the section contact hours must also match the standard meeting pattern configuration. So now it seems I need to create many many more standard meeting patterns to address all the permutations of meeting times + contact hours that are imported into the system. The results look promising with the 29 standard meeting patterns created so far, but I haven't had time yet to create standard meeting patterns for all those other permutations yet.

Has someone else figured out a better method?

Tom Conley




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