Create Cross List Drop Down and Filter Option

If possible, can you please create an option to search and create an option to section it for filter?

Thank you!



  • Rachael Carter, thank you for the post!  We would like to hear more about your request. Would you mind expanding a bit on the challenges you're facing and how this enhancement would benefit you and the work you're doing?  We're listening.

  • Susan Puckett, if possible, could Ad Astra create an option to sort by filters? For example, in Monitor, we have the option to sort. See copied and pasted items below. 

    I know we can view the courses by selecting the approaching filter within quick filters. However, I wasn't sure if there could be an option to have it sort by all filters. Then, if possible, exporting the file and having a column specifying what filter(s) are applied to which course(s).


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