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"Save & Close" button

We have noticed a glitch that when someone is creating an event and they click "Save and Close" it doesn't work correctly.  This only seems to happen with Firefox.  A fix for this would be nice.



  • Michael Beck I have created a ticket for this exact issue, and it was advised to click the Save button before clicking Save and Close every time. Not a solution for sure, they closed the ticket. 

     In the ticket, the user was canceling the reservation while in Firefox, and clicking the Save and Close button. The outcome: the event remained as scheduled, still showed on the calendar as scheduled, but the event record showed the rooms were dropped.

    Users should be able to use the browser of their choice without any issues in Ad Astra.


  • -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Hello Michael and Sabrina,
    I have dealt with this issue occasionally since Oct 2017 (AS v8.0) with Firefox and a few times with Chrome along with IE browser. 

    By habit, I click just "Save" to first see the green words pop-up next to buttons "Changes Saved" before clicking "Save and Close" button.

    I have opened support cases in the past and the situation has improved, but I guess the core issue is not resolved yet ... I almost thought it was a time-out issue that close page process started before save process finished ... F12 Page Inspect Panel > Network Tab and help show timings.  Since, it does not happen every time for me, it is difficult to collect browser HAR log (right-click in process list) to prove it happened for a support case. 

    Best regards, Jason