Event Request: Display History Event/Meeting History

 Recommended entering this as product feedback from this post.

The recommended improvement is to view the History of any changes that happen to the event or meeting, i.e., 05/05/2021 - Event Reservation #20200101-0001: MED 101 - Meeting time changed from 12:00 pm to 2:30 pm by the <UserID>. Perhaps adding an action column to the History view to see the change that was made.  This will help with multiple approvers (approval group) working on one event at the same time or track down discrepancies in communication. Another group that would benefit is the user. They would be able to track back through their changes to the reservation, in the case they need to remember what changes they made to the reservation. We see this happening a lot with our campus community. 


Here is a rough mockup idea to get the imagination going. I would figure you'd have to use an identifier for where the action is taking place on...event level or meeting level. 

We are on Astra Version 8.9.1.




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