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Monitor Modalities


I noticed that on the choices under the Modality for mapping Blended is not an option like Hybrid. I have had several Associate Deans mention that seeing Blended as a modality like they do with Hybrid would be great. Would this be beneficial for others?




  • Sandi herrera, thank you for this post!  Based on your comments, it seems that your institution offers both a "blended" delivery option and a "hybrid" delivery option.  If I understood you correctly, could you tell us the difference between those two modalities at your institution?

  • For us, Blended means a mix between In-Person and Online Instruction, while Hybrid tends to be used for a mix of Lecture and Lab Instruction (during the same meeting pattern) which essentially points to In-Person.  Some courses have had Online Labs, like Intro to Bio/Chem since Covid.

    Best regards, Jason 

  • Hello Susan! Great to hear from you and thanks for the response. At our institution: A course taught as a Blended (or as a Hybrid) course will be taught partially online and partially on-campus. However, Hybrid is at least 50% face-to-face with the rest online, and Blended at our Institution is 85% online and 15% face-to-face.

  • Sandi herrera, since you posted the above feedback, additional content has been added to the articles below. I wanted to make sure you saw the additions.

  • Thanks, Susan! I appreciate the information. These are great resources.