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Thinking into the future, if Ad Astra were to have a mobile app, what top feature or function should it have?




  • 'Delivery Method' as a filter criteria in Section List

  • Schedule days, times, and location would be important if campuses are listed.

  • Access to event information

    - It would be great to see a list of events and meetings scheduled for the day (and the ability to see the event/meeting details if you are a power user) 

    - It would be great to be able to schedule meeting space from the app (not customizable in the way an event would be where you could request resources, but a quick way to take an available room offline for a period of time)

    - Access to the scheduling grid and calendar view 


  • Being the odd ones out here, since we don't give students access to any astra data, I could see this as a useful tool for the roaming security personnel to quickly check what groups/classes should be in a room as they're moving about. Something akin to what April mentioned in her first bullet, but perhaps the quick details, like event name, date, start/end time, first 140 characters of the event description and link to more details if need be.

  • This is another good use case for Astra mobile app with quick Event Detail features 
    I think our Campus Security and Facilities check emailed pdf reports for what Events are scheduled for where on campus, but can also log-in to get more up-to-date calendar / grid view 
    ... For our schedules' (institution contacts) homepage, I created Lists of Unassigned / Incomplete Sections / Events for Next 30 days ... probably could have a Homepage list for other User groups (like Security or Facilities) with "Events at My Campus Today" to see when they first log in, eh?  

  • Luke Ling, you are not the only odd one.  We do not allow our students access to Astra either, but they do use it. 

    1. We have a door unlock report as well as a blocked parking report that our PD receives daily.  It would be great for them to be to easily access this information via their device.
    2. It would also be great for our setup team.  They could access the event attachment on their device and not have to print it.
    3. Since we use resources heavily, having the ability for a user to access our Quick Classroom Request Form (no resources), would be nice.  I am not sure I would want the other request forms available unless it would ask all the questions for us to gather resources.
    4. The ability to schedule that Quick Classroom Request would be nice too. 


  • Daily list of events and courses on campus filtered by building and room number.

  • Thank you all for your responses!  If you have more feedback, keep it coming!  

    As promised, it's May 3rd and we've drawn a name for the Amazon gift card!  The winner is ...

    Congratulations, Jill Loveless


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