Filter Notifications by Event Request Form Used

I'd love to see a couple improvements in notifications: 1) the title of the event request form your customer used to submit their request (in the description maybe? as a separate field in that line?) and 2) a way to filter by event request form the customer used.

Here's my thinking: for approvers who handle many requests using different forms to gather that information, it's hard to see at a glance what notification goes with which type of request. If you have thirty there to manage, grabbing the quick and easy approvals first (general internals meetings, for example, that require little to no coordination) allows you to clear out notifications. Or the reverse: let's say I want to dedicate some time to what I know will be the complicated requests but leave the easy ones for my colleague who has the same approver "permissions" as me. How to I filter down to just the requests that were submitted with forms used for big campus-wide events, or hosted events with external partners? I can't because there isn't a field that indicates which form was used. Even if the title of the form were included in the description of the notification that would be helpful. The form title is also not on the information an approver sees when they open the request. We've had to hack all our event request forms to add a superfluous header below the title but above all our questions that just copies the event request form title so that approvers can see it when reviewing incoming requests.

It was suggested before that approvers create multiple personas and then log in to Astra as each different user so that they can see only one set of requests at a time. In my opinion, that's a waste of the efficiency Astra provides, allowing one user to be an approver in multiple groups. This seems like a small improvement but would really change the way approvers use notifications and process requests, especially at smaller institutions whose schedulers handle a multitude of request types.



  • Great suggestion.   I have been going to each one and View Meeting Details to see how complicated. :)  On the filter there are already a couple of options (Activity Type, Request Type). 

    Maybe one of them could be Request Form Type and it populate based on whatever Event Request Form names have been added to a list created in the Master List section.  I would not want it to populate based on whatever is sitting in Event Request Forms because some of mine are inactive.  I do not want to have to scroll through inactive request forms in the filter.


  • I agree with all of the above!

    We too, created the duplicate header titles so it will show on the preview for which form displays.

  • Vicky, even better could we get two filters: event request type (linked to a master list entry) and then event request form? So those like you can see by request type and for others who really do want to filter down to specific request forms could do so.

  • Not being an IT person in any way, shape, or form, I say, "LET'S DO IT!"

    I am sure the Developers could whip out this change in a day or two. :) :)


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