Hide inactive users

It would be nice to be able to hide inactive users.  The deletion process can cause instability in the system, so just being able to hide them and not have them listed on/in different menus would be awesome.  



  • Hi Michael,

    What menus are you seeing inactive users displaying? Off the top of my head I can't think of places (in Astra Schedule) where I'd want to select a user for some reason. Instead I'd be looking at a customer or person (for things like customer contact in an event). In that case, you have to inactivate them both as a user and as a person for them to stop displaying in that selector drop down menu. What am I not thinking of?


  • Good point, Kelly. I can only think of transferring an event reservation's ownership from one user to another. However, this is a rarity in our instance.

  • I didn't even think of that Sabrina, but yes it's also a rarity for us. I'm glad for this comment, though, because I've just been inactivating users when I should have been doing both users and people if an employee leaves, etc. Thanks!

  • There are many times when our scheduler schedules events for a department and needs to assign it to a contact with that department.  The inactive users are still populating.   If there were a check box in the users config or people config to just hide them from all other places except the users menu in setting would just be a nice feature.

    Kelly, I'm not seeing how to make a "user" inactive.  Could you help me on this one?


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