Display Banner section attributes in a new column in the Academic Sections grid

We would like to be able to see and sort by Banner section attributes (where we designate delivery method: online, etc.) in the Academic Sections grid.



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  • Hello Todd,

    I agree, I posted similar request in Product Feedback over a year ago when this section of Astra Community Product Feedback was created, which was from a support case that I created even longer ago.

    You can get "Delivery Method" in a Crystal Report displayed for sections that can be exported to an Excel sheet,
     ...but it still should be a select-able field on the Section List page...    

    Also, I have posted over a year ago to request "Delivery Method" should be at least a sort (also filter) criteria for Room Assignment Optimization and Sandbox Results

    Best regards,

    Delivery Method as a column in Section List  Jason Madden  1 year ago



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