Increase the cap on the number of Customers selectable for Event Request Forms

When creating an Event Request Form you have the capability to limit, or filter, to a specific list of customers that can use the form. Working with Ad Astra support, we found that there is a cap of 100 customers that can be selected and the form can be safely saved before the form fails when saved and subsequently ceases to function. Saving with 100+ customers selected wipes out all information on the Edit Form screen and all of the selected customers on the list. This also results in the form still appearing as active, but the drop downs for Users and Customers no longer populating. Thus, going over that limit then requires the Event Request Form to be completely recreated.

I know that with some other filters in Ad Astra it will give an alert if you have gone above a limit on the number of items you can filter by. This then requires you to reduce the number of filters you have selected before proceeding.


It would be great to see a change to this cap of 100 customers and the event request form crashing, via one of the following:

1. Allow Customers to be filtered using Customer Groups. If there is a cap on the number of Customers that can be in a Customer Group, let it be a high one.

2. Increase the cap from 100 to something greater. As a personal baseline, we currently have 971 customers in our system. For the form we were trying to limit customers to, we wished to limit it to 109 customers but this would likely increase over time.

3. Instead of having the form fail when saving it with 100+ customers selected, give a warning that there is a limit of 100 and that the number selected needs to be reduced before saving the form.

We are currently on version 8.9.0.




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