Request to add more Primary Responsibilities to be able to access & add more homepages.

We need more Primary Responsibilities added to Astra, so we could create more homepages.

Currently, Ad Astra is truly limited to 5 active homepages because there are a limited amount of Primary Responsibilities. Each Primary Responsibility that is available can be configured to have a separate default homepage experience (maximum 5 homepages).

This can be very helpful to create a truly customized experience for our users in many different roles. Additionally, it will allow us to control traffic and further define what a specific type of user is exposed to in the system. Having more Primary Responsibilities & thus more homepages will allow us to target specific information to these groups.

Would your institution like to have a more customized experience? If yes, please upvote!

We are on Version 8.9.1.


  • Sabrina,

    I'm upvoting this because I think it will definitely help you, but wondering if you can explain your process for assigning primary responsibilities to customers. We chose not to go this route and build multiple custom homepages because the process of assigning primary responsibilities was manual and we felt it would be too labor intensive to keep up with as additional users are created or move around at our institution. I'd be interested to know your process and decision-making there.


  • Definite Up-Vote for Sabrina here,

    I developed a separate "Institutional Contact" Homepage for Schedulers & Admin role to display lists of "Incomplete Events" and "Unassigned Sections" in the Next 30 days to call attention to activities that need to be addressed

    With more responsibilities choices in People profiles, larger institutions can customize information for more specific roles such as this type of homepage ... We are a medium sized community college and having more than one homepage is very helpful

    Oh, an idea, to have homepage for faculty that gives a quick status list of all their current and/or future sections that are assigned to them ...  or even for department chairs ... to show incomplete or unassigned sections in Next 30 days for their dept , eh?

    Best regards, Jason

  • Kelly Sparrow 

    We are a larger university with multiple campuses that use Astra. Our specific campus process for assigning primary responsibilities to customers is a manual process by updating their User Role and then their People record. So the next time they log in they will have an updated homepage with all the capabilities allowed through their User Role permissions. Our user roles dictate what the contact (user) can do in Astra. We use roles as "buckets" or "repositories" for users to be placed in when they authenticate via LDAP.
    Types of Requested Homepages:
    • Guest Role - Default Landing Homepage - no permissions, just displays information and login button
    • Guest with Authentication- Second Landing page after credentialing. Behind the scenes, we manually update their profile.

    After the user is manually assigned customer association (which includes campus), and primary responsibility, then we would need a homepage for each role for each campus.
    • -Internal User - Faculty or Staff
    • -Academic Schedulers - Curriculum Coordinators
    • -Region Approvers - Those that have access to approve certain spaces on campus.
    • -Student User
    This helps to reduce confusion and to allow users to clearly see quick navigation items for the application and targeted news and update the information to help them stay in front of changing policies and procedures.
    I really like Jason Madden idea as well.
  • Sabrina, thanks so much for responding! This is sort of what I anticipated. We found that the "cost" of manually assigning wasn't worth the benefit of having targeted homepage, at least right now. But this gives us a great roadmap if we chose to go that direction in the future. Super helpful!


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