What Problems Are You Trying to Solve?

We often receive product feedback from our users on the products they currently use.  We appreciate that feedback!  But, have you thought about the impact you could have on future Ad Astra solutions and services by simply sharing the daily problems you face at your institution?  


Tell Us About Your Problem

Feedback can include noting a problem you face in higher education, giving detail around the what/why/when/where/who, and throwing it out there for our product team and engineers to consider.  Planting that seed could catch the eye of the right people at Ad Astra and result in conversations that lead to solutions!


What Do Your Peers Have to Say?

Aside from sharing issues you're trying to solve with Ad Astra's Product Experience Team, your post may inspire conversations with other Ad Astra users.  Your peers may have ideas to help solve your problem, or they may be in the same boat as you and choose to up-vote your post for awareness!

Regardless, we want to hear your feedback ... feedback about our solutions and services ... feedback about the challenges you face ... feedback on how things are going!


Posting is simple. 

  1. Go to the Community, choose the topic Product Feedback, and select "New Post".
  2. Enter a title that provides context about your post and makes finding your post easy for other users.
  3. Communicate your problem well.  The How to Post Product Feedback post will help you determine what information is helpful!



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