Jump Week Ahead in Scheduling Grid

Have you ever been looking/cross-checking something in the Scheduling Grid (Like an every Monday at 9 am class) and needed to jump to the next Monday, to double check it's there, or maybe specifically NOT there?

Instead of having to go to the calendar icon and pick the same day in the next week (i.e. Monday), if there were an icon to just jump to the next week, wouldn't that save you a few clicks and time?

I bet it would! If you agree, vote up and thanks! :)



  • Completely agree!

    Also would love for the date icon to be the same size (width) regardless of day/week.

    I use the forward and back buttons a lot to move from one day to the next, but the width of the icon changes based on the text within it so I can't just click, click, click forward without having to move my mouse for each. This is especially noticeable when you have a full week listed. Does that make sense? See below for an example.

  • Totally agree with Kelly's additional recommendation!

  • And it would be really helpful if when you are looking at a single day on the scheduling grid that it told you the day of the week!  For example: Tuesday, December 1, 2020. I'm constantly having to click back into the date selector to check what day of the week I'm on or look at a calendar. 

  • YES!!!!!!

  • These are great suggestions!  Agree that the Day of the Week should be returned to the Scheduling Grid on the Day grid.  This used to be display in older versions of Astra.  Also the Day of the Week needs to be extended to the Event Information Screen specifically within the Meetings Tab.  There is a option column that we used for double checking purposes for accuracy by all our scheduling team and it no longer functions in recent versions of Astra despite the column being checked.

  • 100% AGREE.  The COLUMN feature NEEDS to work inside the event record!


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