Reports for Sections - Include Course Offering IDs

TL;DR: A REALLY huge product enhancement in Reports would be to always include the Course Offering ID field in any report that includes sections. 

I use reports that include lists of sections all the time, and I rely on the canned reports that are already built because we don't have the infrastructure at my institution to customize them on the fly ourselves. During COVID especially, but even before, I have found that any reports that include a section are not as practically useful as they could be because they don't include Course Offering ID in the results. Course Offering ID is the number one most important piece of information I use when identifying a section, both in the Academics area in Astra Schedule and in our SIS (Banner). Without that information in the report itself, I end up having to cross reference my report with the schedule grid or with a broader search in Academics to add the Course Offering ID back in before sharing with other departments or using it for myself. 

Use case: Michigan schools had to move to remote learning just for 3 weeks around Thanksgiving. I used the Sections by Subject for Selected Date Range report to isolate which sections would be impacted during that stretch of time, but I had to download as an Excel, filter out all our online sections (by building - we label them WEB; sidenote: adding a filter by building in that report would be SUPER helpful, too) and then type in manually every CRN for the sections that were left. That meant using the schedule grid, finding each of the sections by date and time, and then hovering over them to display the CRN. This is the kind of report I want to be able to pull the morning we get the state mandate to close so I can quickly go in and delete room assignments for those three weeks only in the sections that are impacted. Having the CRN in the report itself would make that process a LOT easier and faster.




  • Hello Kelly,

    Couple years ago, I had a support case that was not too difficult for this type of customization
    1st , We use Banner for SIS 
    2nd our CRN (course reference number) is the last 5 digits of Section SisKey --> Course Offering ID
    .... so I made a custom field in Crystal Reports defined like " Right(SisKey, 5) "
    ... I think it was Maggie Roberts who helped me with that in the previous Client Support Center

    Best regards, Jason  

  • Thanks Jason! Maggie has customized a report for us that we're using now for pandemic adjustments but I think having that item in all reports as a default whenever a section is listed would be really helpful (in the same way that it's a filter in Academics).

  • Good to know you have CRN in some reports.

    I would agree that (for Banner schools) having CRN in reports is just as important as Subject - Crse# - Section# string

    Best regards, Jason


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