Scheduling Grid Unreliability/Instability

Please vote if you have had this situation occur at your institution.

We have had multiple times where an event time was changed, but the Scheduling Grid did not update with the new event time. The Scheduling Grid view shows it blocked for the original time, but if you hover over it, the event details reflects the new time. 

In addition, because the Scheduling Grid did not recognize the time change the system enabled us to schedule 2 events at the same time in the same room.

Before the Ad Astra technical team will put time into researching the issue it must gain enough support from the community, so I'm hoping to see if anyone else is having trouble with the stability of the Scheduling Grid.



  • We are on Version 8.9.1 and have had the exact same thing happen. At the time of this occurring, the user was using the Firefox browser and they only clicked the 'Save and Close' button after changing the time.  We created a ticket, but no solution was provided, except to tell the user to click the 'Save' button and then the 'Save and Close' button. 

    I'd like to know if more institutions had this happen as well.

  • I have not come across this problem.  However, I will certainly vote that it is fixed.  It is most frustrating when you cannot trust that a room is not going to be double booked.  That is A LOT of added stress to an already stressful job.

  • Very Interesting Defect

    I just reproduced this issue with AS v8.9.2 and Firefox v83.0  (primarily use Firefox for Astra Schedule)
      ... Opening an event and editing the Start / End Time and clicking just "Save and Close" loaded the previous times in the Scheduling Grid ,
    But if you edit the Start / End times and click "Save" and next click "Save and Close" then Scheduling Grid displays the correct duration (Start & End time)

    Drag & Drog of Activities still seems to work fine , though the page can lag and need to be refreshed (F5) 

    I am used to clicking "Save" and making sure the Green text appears "Changes Saved" before clicking "Save and Close" because in like AS v8.1.x changes were not always saved when clicking "Save and Close"

    Some support staff thought I was being redundant with clicking "Save" to make sure I saw the green text pop-up "Changes Saved" before clicking "Save and Close" ... this was a major problem for us 3 years ago with transitioning to AS v8.0.3 ... guess not all the scenarios for this were completely fixed 

    Best regards, Jason Madden

  • Thank you Jason for sharing your experience as well.

  • Here is a screen snippet for Support sake to demonstrate this Defect ...

  • Thank you all! Hopefully we can get enough people posting so Astra will review it.

  • No problem Sabrina ... adding my two cents in to show it is a DEFECT in the latest release of Astra Schedule , upgrading will not resolve it ...  Does any / every one have support tickets on this issue ? 

  • I know Susan Puckett watches the "Product Feedback" page ... I got two replies from her today already 

  • Jason Madden, you bet I am watching, as are others!  Be sure to vote at the high-level of this product feedback post!  

  • Thank you Susan

    It is nice to know that we got your attention
    ... It is another thing that I just noticed that Meeting Status is not being changed as well as Start and End Time when clicking "Save and Close" when opening an event from the Scheduling Grid (mouse hover) then clicking View Event Details ... In this snippet, I renamed the meeting instances according to selected meeting status for that event meeting ... thus it also seems that two unscheduled meetings under the same event cannot have different status (ie either Tentative or Pending for both and Not Tentative for one and Pending for the other

    This probably a separate issue about separate event meeting status, but also common that "Save and Close" does not effect all changes to be saved ...

    Best regards, Jason Madden


  • Hey everyone!

    When testing to move to V8 a few years back, I encountered the Save vs. Save and Close issue.  However, it was fixed prior to our upgrade. I also started using Chrome when we moved to V8 because the Event Request Forms were not populating correctly in Firefox.  (I was told to just move to Chrome.)

    Because not being able to rely on our calendars or the data entered into Astra to ensure rooms are actually available IS VITAL TO OUR ROLES in ensuring successful events, I did some testing in our version (8.9.1) in both Mozilla and Chrome.

    I HAVE COME UP WITH THE SAME RESULTS, sort of, IN MOZILLA.  In my test, the Scheduling Grid DID NOT EVEN SHOW the event in the room requested.  It did, however, show its partition blocked.  When I checked CHROME to see if it by chance had the correct information and matched the Event List, it did NOT.

    In my opinion, this is NOT something that should be voted on. 

    It is a design flaw to the integrity of Astra. 

    As I mentioned in my comment above, Astra Schedule is used so that event offices can have confidence that events are not being double booked, service departments receive the correct information, and events are successful.  With this flaw, schools have none of these assurances.

    This is just my 2 cents worth.  Hopefully, Astra will jump on this issue sooner rather than later.

  • Thank you all for your feedback!  I have shared the information provided with the Ad Astra team for review.


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