Scheduling Preferences "Required" color (Red)

Recently, a colleague and I presented an Optimizer presentation to our Campus Provosts and Deans. One of our Campus Provosts inquired if the red color used for "Required" preferences could be changed, particularly for individuals impaired with color vision deficiency. Is it a possible to create the feature (or function) for the user to change the colors? I know that we can export the results to excel; however, the provosts did appreciate the ability to see the preference rules.



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    Sandi - Thank you for this feedback! Just to clarify: the red color block is the "override" feature. The "required" color is green. We'll make sure product takes this into consideration!

  • Thanks, Maggie! I appreciate you clarifying this for me (of course the Pro would know!)  : )

  • Hello Sandi & Maggie,

    My direct backup coworker (SysAdmin) in our IT department is color-blind to a degree.  He may read this post ... He can tell difference with colors if I tell him which is which , but even for less-impaired sighted people somethings in the Scheduling Preference List is not so easy to read for our staff like orange text on white background and green text in red block.

    Some better contrasts would help like having a thin black outline on colored letter text would help visually.

    On the Scheduling Grid, some staff miss (scroll-past) Incomplete activities because those are grey text on white background
     ... I know we can change the Calendar Colors but the palette is unorganized and some times hard to discern differences with mix of pastel type colors.  Being able to change the webpage background color could be helpful for others as well from eggshell white to more of a cream color ... I change the color temperature with my monitors to a warm tone to be easier on my eyes (not as bright and less blue light).

    Best regards, Jason Madden

  • Jason Madden, this is great context for the Product Experience team to consider going forward.  

  • Thanks for your response, Jason! And yes, Susan, I agree that it would be helpful to have the option to change the colors on Ad Astra. This would be a great benefit for the users, particularly those impaired with color vision deficiency.

    Thanks for both of your time,


  • This is late in the game, but wouldn't being 508 compliant also cover the color issue. I know that the current Astra version is not compliant, but I thought that it was in future plans of the application upgrades.


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