Aspire20 and Karaoke

Each year at Aspire, one night is set aside for one of Ad Astra's most spectacular displays - karaoke!  It's a tradition!  

You're guaranteed to hear some of our regulars perform their favorites: Don't Stop Believing (Journey), Jackson (Johnny Cash), or Piano Man (Billy Joel).  And every year we're dazzled by our talented attendees, some leaving us speechless!

Karaoke night brings so much joy and laughter to those who participate, and it's one of the traditions many of us will miss the most this year!  It's one of those rare times when people can relax after a long day, let their hair down, and just have fun!

We would love to hear your favorite Aspire karaoke memories!  And, if you're new to the conference and love karaoke as much as we do, tell us your karaoke song of choice!



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    This just in!  Astra Karaoke Playlist

  • Anytime singing with the Astra family is a good time! I did enjoy a little Aladdin action last year with my good buddy from University of Florida, Colin Yokomi. Such a blast!

  • The Uptown Funk dance was definitely one of the best Aspire Karaoke moments for me! Also anytime I'm singing Mr. Brightside in front of Astra people, I'm in a good place.

  • LOTS of good Karaoke memories over the years.  A couple of my favorites:

    1. One year we had our networking event at a nice theatre, and Tom Shaver made full use of the grand staircase to walk down and make a spectacular entrance while singing a Bob Dylan tune.

    2. LATE one year at the hotel (well after all the responsible attendees had made good choices and turned in for the night) the bar tender came out from behind the bar and brought the house down with an AMAZING rendition of Unchained Melody.  I swear he must have been the lead singer of a local band...just tending bar to make ends meet.


  • First timer at Aspire, but who doesn't love to sing Don't Stop Believin' by Journey?

  • If we were all in person, you would hear our marketing team belting out the following: "Baby come back!"

    Join us tomorrow, so we can stop playing the song on repeat! 

  • This is a family adaptation from watching too much "Man in the High Castle" to the opening tune of Edelweiss ...

    Little mice, Little mice
    Every morning you squeak to me
    Small and white, unclean and fright
    You don't look happy to meet me

    Chewer of holes, may you chew and grow
    Chew and grow forever
    Little mice, Little mice
    Bless my household forever


  • It's no secret that karaoke is one of my favorite Aspire traditions.  Music brings people together!  My favorite performance is likely Maggie Roberts' performance of Don't Stop Me Now (Queen), @...'s Piano Man (Billy Joel), and @...'s Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus).  

    For 2021, I would love to see more of our clients participate!  You have a year to pick a song and practice!  See Maggie's tips on picking a karaoke song (visit the Session Library and scroll to the very bottom).

  • I love being a spectator for Karaoke night. I’d have to say my favorite so far was during my first year when Filipe belted out Man in the Mirror.

  • Nicole Lamoureux, that was hands down the BEST karaoke performance EVER!

  • Maizey, here! 

    If my co-workers would share the mic, I would probably sing Don't Stop Retrieving, Jump, or maybe Diggin' Up Bones!  Maybe I'll get my chance next year!

  • I don't karaoke myself but I do miss watching my fellow ASTRA folks jamming

  • Shellie Aultman - I should have pushed for a Zoom room karaoke session. I'll add that to the wishlist. 


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