DEFECT: Room Type List will not export from Master List page

While other specifications can successfully export as an Excel file from the Master List page, currently "Room Types" does not and displays a length error.

I have already opened a support case about this malfunction and have been recommended to post here
 ... Defects and demonstrated malfunctions should not need a popularity vote for prioritizing resolution




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    Hi Jason,

    We appreciate you sharing this feedback! See the Master List Room Type Crystal Report that can be uploaded to your reports list, which will provide the information in the format you are looking for: the mat of room type names, its description and its active status. You will want to export in the format "Microsoft Excel (97-2003) Data-Only."



  • Agreed. If it's a defect, it should be fixed no matter what, especially if there is no workaround.

  • Greetings Alex,

    Thank you for trying to provide a work-around, but this report only returns 11 out of 53 of our room types in Master List (all active).
    It does not return all existing Room Types that have been created.

    Looking into this report,it is interesting that it uses RoomsEffectiveDateReportView Effective Start and End Dates.
    Removing these Record Selection filters by Date does not help retrieve more actual records as well

    The omission of a detail line in this report and room type output coming from a group line in Crystal Reports seems to indicate this report is just returning room type details for rooms that have activities scheduled on the date the report is run.

    This type of report could help with ideas of utilization, like what are the most used room types or conversely what are the room type of room without any activity scheduled within a date range

    Best regards, Jason Madden

  • Hi Jason, Give the link in the original post another try! It will now connect you to a new report built solely on the Room Types table and it will be grouped by the Event Types Name field. You should now see any and all Room Types from your Master List! 

    Thanks again! 

  • Hello again Alex,

    Yes, this second report works much better as intended for a work-around

    Best regards, Jason Madden


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