DESIGN GLITCH: Multiple Room Blocks Created

I have already submitted a ticket for this issue and was told to post here as there aren't enough development resources at this time. 

When I created a room usage block and went to apply to other rooms, all the added rooms ended up with 2 or 3 extra blocks in the system. The duplicates made the calendar view very cluttered. I was able to manually go in to each room and delete the block, but that negates the whole point of doing a multiple room block. 

I would love to see the design features getting some attention so they function properly.



  • Agree 100%.

  • We experience this as well and end up going room to room to remove the extra blocks. 

  • Yep. Like Laurie said, that defeats the purpose. It needs to be fixed.

  • I thought I had a ticket on this subject over a year ago with previous Support Center site

    ... I got used to applying room blocks to rooms one at a time
    ... Then after Covid-19 hit , room usage has tanked and we have not needed to block rooms
    ... I guess if your institution is trying to use like every other classroom, this would still be applicable or for remodeling situation

    Last summer, we finished a construction project and this was a pain

  • This is an area that needs attention.  The room blocks which we rely on for management of classroom operations is basically useless with the duplication issue when applying across a region.

  • Agree with all comments.  This is an area that needs to be addressed.

  • In v8.9, it is still functional but there is no need for 5 additional usage controls to be added when only adding it once.  Plus, you waste a ton of time individually deleting them.

  • Thank you all for the post and comments! The Product Experience team is looking into this issue.

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