Ad Astra will delete a room feature even if it's associated with another room.

We would like to have a warning message issued if you are trying to delete a feature from a room and that feature is associated with another room.  I learned that it is intended functionality to allow a user to delete a feature and have that feature removed from all rooms it is assigned to. This provides a streamlined way to delete a feature that is no longer applicable without having to first find every room it is assigned to.

But we would like a warning message in case the person deleting the feature didn't realize it was associated with another room. I think that a warning message would be helpful.

Thank you. 



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  • In our process for managing room features, I have a "Room Features Where" custom report [ that I think might have been the basis for "Rooms with Selected Feature by Building" in Rooms and Resources group ] we use the report to find obscure features like VHS players and CRT TVs 

    A useful warning message would include which rooms a feature is still associated with before completing a delete function, sort of like Check Conflicts for Activities. 

    Best regards, Jason  


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