Report Subscriptions not effective after Task Agent Restart

Hello Ad Astra Support,

During the improvement process for Astra Schedule Task Agent, please investigate the cause for report subscriptions not showing up in the "Task Agent Job run List" (filtered for Type = Reports and Status =  Scheduled) after the Task Agent is restarted.

After two Mondays in a row of not having report subscriptions run as scheduled, I realized that I had to manually delete each of the previous scheduled frequencies of each of our Monday morning report subscriptions and re-add new schedule frequencies.
After such manual rework, the Task Agent Job Run List is displaying the correct list of scheduled report subscriptions and hopefully all of them with run as re-scheduled.

Clients should not have to re-schedule report subscriptions after their Task Agent is regularly restarted ... The Astra Task Agent should be more robust that needing manual intervention
Please ensure that this scenario is not repeated in future versions of Astra Schedule.

Thank you, Jason Madden



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  • After working with Support in a Case, It has become a necessity to delete the set schedule for Report Subscriptions and ATE Import /Export job before clients can then create new schedules for Reports & ATE jobs, such that the Task Agent can not tell the difference if the client only uses the Edit Schedule button to modify the schedule.

    This is not so much a best practice, but a work-around for non-working functionality of the Task Agent

    Please fix functionality of existing features ... Thank you, Jason  


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