Allow upload of resource pictures

Although there is a place holder for an image in each resource definition in Astra Scheduler, any attempts to load an image fail. No error message, but no image uploaded either.  
It would be convenient for requestors of resources as well as those doing room prep for an event to be able to see an image of resource(s) involved.

Astra Support has confirmed with the development team that this is a known bug, but they are (at this time) unwilling to address it.

Is anyone else interested in getting this bug fixed (if so, please vote for it and the development team may choose to take a look at it) or does anyone else have a work-around that they would be willing to share? 

Bob - CBU



  • We came across this bug as well and haven't found a workaround. 

  • Yes, we are experiencing the same issue.  We have remodeled a building with all new classroom configurations.  We are now unable to push these into the Astra system for our schedule users or guests to refer to.  This bug should be corrected to interface the room resources across the platform, as expected.  We need to explain why some buildings have photos and now others cannot not.  The room configurations are event important than before to display as institutions shift away from what a "traditional classroom" looks like. There is no workaround for this bug.  

  • Yes, we could use this as well for our requestable spaces. I'd like our requesters to be able to see an image of a classroom or event space to verify that they're requesting the right room number, to check that certain features are present, etc. I knew the image field was there and was planning a project to take new photos for this purpose, but in trying to test it, I see that it's not currently possible. 

  • I can upload room pictures but not equipment/services pictures.  In previous versions we were able to do both.  I definitely want to see pictures for equipment/services to be fixed!

  • Hi VIcky, for some reason I get an error message when I try to upload a room picture. I logged a support case and was told there was no fix for it yet, so I'd be interested to know what you're doing! Can you explain here if you don't mind? Do you upload them under room configuration? Because that's the only place I see to upload them, but that's where I get the error message. 

  • Vicky, I would be interested to learn if you've found a way to update the Room File picture as well without an error message.

  • Christine Chimienti Renee Houser

    UT Tyler is on v8.9.1, and I am able to upload in the Room's "Configurations" section.  Just this morning I uploaded a .jpg file and it works perfectly.  I cannot, however, do this with Resources/Equipment.  There is a bug there in my version.

  • Thanks, Vicky.  I see that I can do this without error today.  Which is odd and not consistent from what my staff and I found prior to and on the entry date of the original comment.  At any rate, this is super that we can once again rely on the photos within the Room File for at least rooms at this point.  But agree, there is importance in the Resources/Equipment section as well.

  • Well, I will tell you like I tell my campus, it is because of my magnetic personality that it worked today! :)  Luckily, I have not ever had problems with uploading rooms pics.  But, those dang resources/equipment ...

  • It works for me all of a sudden as well! Only the room picture- I haven't attempted to upload pictures of equipment etc. Thanks for your help!!

  • WooHoo!  I am glad it is working in your version too!  To me that is a very important aspect because I have so many people ask, "Does this room have ..." or "What type of seating?."  When I train I hover over the target by the room number and show them how they do not have to rely on my being available to see what the room looks like or what features it has!  SUPER glad the bug is NOT with rooms.

    Now, if we can only get Astra to jump on the "fix the resource/equipment bug" bandwagon. :)


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