Inactive Event Request Forms

Would it be possible to add a checkbox to deactivate the Event form (much like the People or Customer records)? 

Currently, if you want to remove an Event Form from being selected, the Admin would have to navigate to each role and remove the form from the 'Can Request Events' section. 

Say if you have one form that spans 5 different roles. It would be easier to deactivate the form with one click instead of keeping track of where the form lives on each role. 

We are using Astra Version 8.9.



  • With AS v8.9.3, I am finding that even when "Can Request Events" is Unchecked from the Role Permissions page, such as with a pseudo-guest role, then all of the Request forms are still available to users with that pseudo-guest role.

    I do have a support case open for almost a week and have replicated the scenario with 3 different request event forms with a 'guest' user who has a "guest' Role that only has five permissions boxes checked = View-only --> Rooms, Sections, Events, Activity & Scheduling Calendars .

    I really do not want to start deleting Event Request Forms to keep people from using them.
    There is a workaround having a Room requirement to Add Meeting, by adding multiple meeting instances and deleting down to one , then click Submit.
    This effectively bypasses A Room Requirement for Add Meeting in Request Event Forms.

    I would really like to see some feedback to Disabling Event Request Forms.   Perhaps restriction by setting only PAST dates for the forms. 

    This is a real DEFECT that needs to be fixed

    Best regards, Jason 


  • Jason,

    I left you a message on your office phone to see if I could get a little more information.  I am not on the same version, but I thought I might be able to help unless it is a ... dreaded BUG.

  • Hello Vicki,
    Thank you for replying. Our process is having people (staff) send an email to an internal group generic address and out decentralized schedulers review those from that Outlook Group Inbox. 
    We have avoided utilizing the Astra Schedule Event Request Forms because the Approval Process is clunky.  I am trying to keep people from trying to use the Calendar > Request Event button. 

    Best regards, Jason  

  • I may have something for you ... maybe. :)

  • You have a second to give me a call.  Are you on CST?

  • Hello Vicki,
    Yes, I am located in northwest IL = Central Daylight saving Time (CDT).
     ...  I do appreciate that you want to be helpful.
    I did receive a MP3 of both of your voicemail messages left on my office line, however, I have not been inside any of my institution's buildings since mid-March 2020.

    Plain students and external entities / persons are not allowed direct guest access to our institutions Astra Schedule site.  Our marketing department handles an external facing events calendar. 

    I have already posted the bandage workaround that was given in my Zoom meeting with Ad Astra support Friday 6/4 that any "guest"-type Role needs to have a "Default" calendar specified for "View Activity Calendar"  permission in order for Unchecking "Can Request Event" to be effective in not allowing the "Request Event" 

    We are not planning to use Astra API to have workable Ad-hoc email notification to distributed approvers.  This is the main reason that we are Not using Event Request Forms for any staff, student, or external persons.  There is information on our external site for external persons to request events / room usage and student club sponsors can use a generic internal email group for reaching schedulers with requests. 

    I would have posted a "DEFECT" Product Feedback thread if I had not found this thread. 
    Not being able to Disable any Event Request Forms is a Defect regardless of how you use Astra Schedule.  I do not want this difference in usage to detract away from this Defect.  I may ask more questions about integrating Campus Labs with Astra on technical level, but again I do not want to detract from the main issue that Sabrina has raised.

    Thank you again from trying to be helpful, but as I mentioned I already had a Support Case Open ... I am posting here to gather more attention that this Defect needs to be fixed.  

    Best regards, Jason 

  • We really need this!  Thanks!


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