Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) integration

Greetings Ad Astra Community,

I am starting this post because we were told that MFA is not supported in a support case.

We currently do not support Multi-Factor Authentication. However, we recommend that you submit Product Feedback in the Community to share your request for Multi-Factor Authentication and view requests from other Community members.

During our Evaluation Kickoff meeting, the potential vendor replied to that statement to the effect that since Astra Schedule can integrate with SSO with SAML 2.0 or CAS, then it should be able to integrate with their MFA software.

Is there any one else using MFA with SSO to access Astra Cloud?

Since Covid-19 much of our staff have been working remotely, thus, we need to protect access to our information sources better and therefore we are evaluating MFA products

Thank you, Jason Madden




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