Inactive Event Forms

Is it possible to make an event form inactive so that it doesn't show up on the home screen?



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    Hi Regina - You can you limit available request forms for users within the Can Request Events permission in Roles. Any users in that role will only see the specific event request forms that are selected in their role profile. 

    If you are an administrator in your Astra Schedule site, then any event request forms you have in the event request forms list will populate the Request Event button drop-down. 

  • Would it be possible to add the checkbox and select to deactivate the form (much like the People or Customer records)?  

    Say if you have one form that spans 7 different roles. It would be more user friendly to deactivate the form instead of keeping track of where the form lives on each role. 


  • Sabrina Torok,

    Hello!  Thank you for this product enhancement request! 

    I want to make sure your voice is heard by our Product Experience team.  Would you be willing to create a Product Feedback post to provide a little more information? 

    If you're willing, your enhancement can be added here: Product Feedback Topic.

    If you haven't written a Product Feedback post yet, you may find the following resource helpful: How to Post Product Feedback.

    Thanks, again.

  • The deactivate button for event forms would be a really great, common-sense feature! It would be very useful for my school. 


  • Jamirae Holbrook, thank you for this feedback!  I don't see that anyone has added this enhancement request to the Product Feedback topic in the Community.  If you would like to do that to ensure our Product Experience team sees it and other users can also vote for the enhancement, that would be awesome.  Check out the post How to Post Product Feedback to become more familiar with that process.

  • Hi Susan, I added the product feedback above to that thread. 

    Jamirae Holbrook If you like this idea, could you please navigate to the post ( and click the upvote button?

    Thank you all!!


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