Online Event Request Form Attachments

Often it is useful for an event request to include a document detailing the layout of an event or of the resources to be used for the event. At present this is a manual process, however as we migrate more towards using online event requests, it would be very helpful to have those online requests enhanced to support attachments.



  • I think this is a great idea! It would be helpful for those users who have all the proper documentation or permits to upload them at the time of the request. In turn, the event planner or the approver will not need to reach out to the user requesting further information.

    The file uploads should be available from the Attachments Tab in the Event record.  

  • Yes, agreed, Robert and Sabrina. Uploading docs to the Request Forms would be very beneficial to the requestor and the ones approving the Request Form. We were just discussing this with our executive assistants and their teams who have to approve the events at campus facilities, but need the event to be approved by their deans first. I would highly recommend that you place this in the "Product Feedback" area. Ad Astra is great at checking this and trying to see if they can make it possible.


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