Texas Roundup

Calling all Texas Ad Astra users! 

We thought you folks could use a space to engage with each other and share experiences that are unique to your home state. 



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  • Yes!  I am glad you guys started with Texas, since we are the best state. :)

    I think this will be awesome.  There are always quick Astra questions we want to throw out to one another.  This is the perfect spot because, if we have a question, someone else probably has that same question.

  • Excited to connect with everyone! I agree with Vicky...TEXAS is the best!! Hope everyone is staying happy and healthy!

  • Hello Vicky and Christie! Great to see your names again. Sounds like you both have been staying healthy and safe. And yes, I could not agree more that this is a fantastic idea. Texas is the best (of course we'd be saying Hawaii is if we were there). 

    So, I have something new to present to the Texas Ad Astra Community. One of our executive assistants that is a frequent Ad Astra user said that we should have a field on the room template that is called a COVID capacity. What do you all think of that?

  • Sandi,

    That is a great idea!  I wonder if Astra could "whip" up something that fast though.  We would then have to have our SIS' "talk" to the new field in order to pull the correct max capacity.  It does not sound like something easy to do.

    But, hey!  I am no programmer and do not want to be a "Debbie Downer" so maybe it IS a quick, easy add and they have already started working on it. :) :) 

    Let's see if Ad Astra has anything to say on this comment. :)

  • Hey Sandi! So good to hear from you! I completely agree about the new covid field and KNOW Ad Astra can whip something up! I think we could point it to our SIS and then when this is over we point it to the regular capacity...make sense? 

  • Yes, makes a lot of sense. I thought that was a great idea from the executive assistant as well. And I get it, Vicki about not being a Debbie Downer, but I have to say with this COVID reality, who knows HOW long or in what capacity it will be "the reality."

    Ladies, it is so great to hear from you. I look forward to collaborating, visiting, chatting and who knows possibly virtual wine drinking. lol! 

  • Agreed.  The COVID normal may be the new normal.  If that is the case, looks like a lot of effective room dating is going to happen.

  • Hello all, 

    I am excited for Texas Community.  I am Scheduling Coordinator for University of Houston-Clear Lake.  I look forward to chatting and bouncing ideas with all going on right now.

  • Great to meet your, Mary! And look forward to virtual conversing with you.


  • Hey Texan schedulers! Grace here from TJC.

    Although I'm the event scheduler, I have been tasked to help with academics through this COVID season.

    Needing some helpful tricks and IF what Vicky mentioned about setting a new default max capacity of 50% was successful! We literally have been scheduling things manually before loading them into AA/Banner to make sure we have the right amount of seats to properly distance for summer, but come fall, we simply cannot handle the workload like this!


    All COVID scheduling tips welcome!

  • Grace Moreno, Vicky has posted more information about COVID and setting the default max capacity.  Check it out here.


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